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  • Scallop water retention agent: 1. Improve product quality, improve meat quality and increase elasticity2. The formula contains no phosphorus and no pollution3. Increase the tender taste of meat, and keep the nutrition from losing

图片关键词Scallops is the name for bivalve mollusks. It is one of the most important Marine fishery resources for mankind. Has extremely high utilization value. The economic value of scallops is very high. Except that fresh scallops can be eaten in coastal areas all year round, in order to preserve the freshness and facilitate the transportation, most of the scallops will be removed from the closed shell and frozen to be transported and sold everywhere, which is called frozen scallop column or frozen fresh scallop. It is an important cooking ingredient in fine hotels and restaurants, and is making its way into the average home. Dried scallops made from the musculus obtura is one of the eight treasures of the sea