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Beef and mutton volumes

  • Beef and mutton roll water protectant color protectant: 1. High ionic strength, fast absorption, short curing time, high labor efficiency and better benefit2. Strong frost resistance, less ice crystals when cutting, small, defrost without water loss, better product appearance3. The product itself has small odor, the same production rate, better meat sense and stronger meat flavor4. Less small molecules of protein are dissolved in the processing process, and less foam and cleaner in boiling

图片关键词The current economic situation is more and more severe, and the survival of production and processing enterprises is difficult, leading manufacturers to pay more and more attention to cost, but with the reduction of cost, product quality cannot be guaranteed. RongRun r&d team quick research, developed a special fat water retention agent and antioxidant, ionic strength, quick absorption, short curing time, fully tap the water potential of meat, improve the production rate, ratio of scientific perfect color to extend the shelf life, color lasting, better quality, on the premise of improve water content, reduce the cost, RongRun maximum guarantee product quality, reduce product itself peculiar smell, when cutting ice crystals is little, little, thawing water loss, more meat smell, good good. Because there are fewer small molecules of protein dissolved in the process, there is less foam in the boiling process, and the consumer experience is better.