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Ground meat restructuring

  • Ground meat recombinant water retention agent: 1. Increase the water absorption of meat, improve the water retention rate of meat 2. Reduce the water loss in the molding process3 cooked meat dry, tender meat has a sense of juice4. Reduce the damage to meat particles in the refrigeration and stirring process to ensure the integrity of meat particles

图片关键词At present, minced meat molding production equipment technology is mature, can produce all kinds of meat products, different product forms of minced meat molding products, but at present, minced meat molding products are still facing some product problems, structural poor, small adhesion between meat pieces, easy to spread after cutting; Under the impact of high pressure, the meat melts and loses water instantly. After the product is cooked, the meat becomes dry and tastes bad. In the process of refrigeration and stirring, the meat particles are easy to be broken. RongRun r&d technical team for production equipment and production technology, developed a meat dedicated water retention agent, molding products (type a) aiming at the problem of structural difference, protein strong force, increase the precipitation of salt soluble protein, enhance between protein gel, increase the cohesiveness between the meat, strengthen unity, make the structure more between the meat, cut after; (model 2) in view of the problem of dried meat, the water-retaining technology is adopted first. In the rolling and kneading process, special water-retaining agent for mince molding products is added to exert force on the protein, increase the water absorption of the meat, improve the water-retaining rate of the meat, make the meat tender and juicy, enhance the sense of meat, and ensure the taste of the product; (model 3) to solve the problem of meat particle damage, enhance the anti-freezing and compression resistance of kneading, reduce the degree of damage to meat particles in the refrigeration and stirring process, and ensure the integrity of meat particles.