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Beef and smooth

  • Water retaining agent for beef: 1. Absorption speed, shorten the roll kneading time, especially for Gao Baoshui product effect is remarkable, can obviously shorten the tumbling time 2. Has good permeability, shorten the meat marinated time 3. On the premise of guarantee Gao Baoshui, do not produce alkali astringency 4. Strengthen the fleshy palate, fleshy with buttery reinforcement play and brittleness, and can retain certain meat flavor

图片关键词In meat processing enterprises, rolling efficiency is undoubtedly the most critical step to improve production efficiency. To improve the rolling efficiency, increase the flexibility of equipment turnover, shorten the process time, improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, this is a benign development direction, but also a crucial step. RongRun r&d technical team seize each big meat products production enterprise's demand, develop fast absorption water retention agent, can not only shorten the meat to the greatest extent roll kneading time, its good permeability, strong ionic strength for meat pickling and response time can also play a good role in promoting, can shorten the tumbling, reaction time under the premise of guarantee the fleshy palate.