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Cuttle fish larvae

  • Water retention agent for cuttlefish larvae: 1. Free of phosphorus, not subject to export restrictions2. Fast water absorption, improving production efficiency3. Good water-retaining effect and increase the yield of products4. Improve product structure and increase product elasticity5. Good solubility, no caking, convenient for workshop operation

图片关键词Cuttlefish is a kind of common seafood, which is fished in beibu gulf of China. Not only sense of taste delicious crisp and refreshing, and has high nutritional value, but the cuttlefish is common in the process of quick-frozen production efficiency is low, phosphorus use problems, such as excessive RongRun r&d center in aquaculture enterprises encounter these problems, targeted to conduct the thorough research to the squid processing, developed RongRun no phosphorus aquasorb - cuttlefish young is special, to adapt to squid processing。