About Us

       Zhengzhou Rongda food Co.. Ltd, was established in 2007, is a professional supplier which focus on providing a complete technique project to quick-frozen food enterprise. It is a scientific and technological enterprise, and it has the Zhengzhou city quick-frozen food ingredients engineering and technology center, more than 20 professionals work in here. Rongda has two production bases in Zhongmou and Yuanyang, and three R&D center in Zhengzhou.The total investment of nearly 50 million yuan.

      Rongrun---The new model of water-retaining agent without phosphate, is a sub-brand of Rongda which specialized in water retaining agent.  The company already obtains AQSIQ food production license (Certificate No.SC20341012200025) and also passed ISO9001, ISO22000, BV factory audited, NSF International and other international inspection agency. Rongrun water-retaining agent does not have phosphate and very safe, and targeted to solve problems about phosphate exceed standard in processing field of meat product and aquatic product. It is called" The new model of water-retaining agent without phosphate" in the industry

     Rongrun aquatic product inherit the idea about" non-phosphate of Rongrun in quick-frozen food field, it relies on the advantages of technology and R&D in quick-frozen food ingredients engineering and technology center,established R&D center in Dalian and Shanghai. It hired some professionals to research the technology of aquatic products processing and improved service capability.

     With the development, the demand of aquatic product of consumer has increased, they pay more attention on taste and safety requirements. Rongrun R&D center has made a subdivision about characteristics of different types of aquatic product. It targeted launched three series water-retaining agent of shrimp, squid and tilapia mossambica.Rongrun aquatic product----the supplier of R&D-type aquatic product water-retaining agent.